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Genetically modified (GM) food has been a well-publicised topic for years now and its ability to incite passion and controversy doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. We created this website to give you the facts in a format and language that are comfortable to read and understand. We pick apart the science and offer it up in a way that - quite simply - makes sense.
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Basics of GM Foods
Basics of GM Foods: Development and History of GM Foods, What are the Most Common GM...
GM Debate & Controversy
GM Debate & Controversy: Ethical Concerns and GM Foods, Are GM Foods...
GM Foods Around the World
GM Foods Around the World: Austria and GM Food Bans, Hawaii Embraces GM...
GM Foods in the News
GM Foods in the News: New GM Food Blocks, Pressures of GM Farming:...
Growing GM Foods
Growing GM Foods: Fungus Threats to GM Crops, Weather Resistance and GM Foods, Farmers...
Health Effects of GM Foods
Health Effects of GM Foods: GM Baby Milk, Environmental Safety, Can GM Foods...
Other Issues in GM Foods
Other Issues in GM Foods: Treating Humans Using GM Goats, GM Foods and...
Proposed Benefits of GM Foods
Proposed Benefits of GM Foods: Fighting Cholera With GM Foods, Reducing Poverty...
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  • sdfhhsgh
    Re: Fact Sheet: Pros vs Cons
    lol im just here for lolz and stuff, gmos are good and bad but i think there are more cons and stuff, cya guys later ad=nd stuff dudes…
    28 April 2016
  • Farmer Joseph Jr.
    Re: Fact Sheet: Pros vs Cons
    howdy partners its farmer joe here y'all gm crops are bad news y'all hear? stay safe y'all eat good crops stay nice nd helfy
    28 April 2016
  • ktwin
    Re: Fact Sheet: Pros vs Cons
    I would also like to use this website for my research paper. I have found it very helpful, but I am confused about one thing. In your…
    27 April 2016
  • woo hoo 10 10
    Re: Fact Sheet: Pros vs Cons
    GROCERY STORES FEAR HIM thats the only ad that pops up on this website
    22 April 2016
  • Ren
    Re: Fact Sheet: Pros vs Cons
    Hello, I noticed a comment by PLZ READ asking about how to cite this page and I have a similar question. I am planning to reference…
    9 April 2016
  • DLewis6969
    Re: Fact Sheet: Pros vs Cons
    I think gmo are good for you just like apples and other fruits. It helps me get sooooo fast and run 5 400m. I'm really bad at math…
    22 March 2016
  • GeneticallyModifiedFoods
    Re: Fact Sheet: Pros vs Cons
    Nic-nak - Your Question:Im doing research at school and this has really helped meOur Response:We
    17 March 2016
  • Nic-nak
    Re: Fact Sheet: Pros vs Cons
    do you do any other stuff like this?
    16 March 2016
  • Nic-nak
    Re: Fact Sheet: Pros vs Cons
    im doing research at school and this has really helped me
    16 March 2016
  • RAD
    Re: What are Genetically Modified Foods?
    still can't decide.. because it has advantages and disadvantages that are still untapped.
    15 March 2016
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